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Sergii Dolgyi Real Estate Photography



Hello a new Client!

Your approximate cost of the shoot by square footage of the house:

  Up to 2000sf - 200$ - 25 pictures


  Up to 3000sf - 250$ - 35 pictures

  Up to 4000sf  - 300$ - 45 pictures

  Every 1000sf is 50$ and 10 more pictures

  Drone pictures 100$ (when comes with regular shoot) for 5-10 pictures

Extra100$ travel charge for properties that more then 1 hour drive from Simi Valley.

Simi Valley, Moorpark, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Northridge, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth,  no extra travel charge


Los Angeles, Malibu, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Clarita, Santa Paula, Filmore,  extra travel charge 50$

Some of the houses need more pictures to capture everything and the cost could jump to next package
(10 pictures 50$ more or 20 pictures 100$ more).

Usually we take 

  • 1-2 pictures of the foyer

  • 3-4 pictures of living room

  • 1 pictures if dining room

  • 2-3 pictures of family room

  • 3-5 pictures of the kitchen

  • 1 picture of the bar

  • 1 pictures half bath

  • 1 pictures staircase

  • 1 pictures laundry

  • 1 pictures of the office

  • 1 pictures lookin down to the living from 2nd floor

  • 1 picture of the 2nd corridor

  • 2-3 master bedroom

  • 3-20 pictures of the backyard


27007 woodlands dr valencia-4.jpg
Boris (8 of 62).jpg

We don’t take pictures or take pictures by request of the client small side yard, closets, open door shot, closeups of flowers, furniture, chandeliers, moldings, handles, foists.

All these pictures should be  requested before the shoot and could effect the

cost of the shoot.

it depends on size and selling-points, like view, BBQ, pool, big side yards, fruit trees, horse property, sign of the neighborhood, community pools, front gate of the community, parks.(Outside of the property pictures should be requested by client in advance)

The photoshop items from the picture like trashcans, trash container, cars from the drive way, dried grass, any kind of equipment outside or inside is extra cost. Will be from 10$ to 20$ per pictures.


If you want to save money please remove these items in advance!


The clients should decide in advance if they want to skip some of the areas inside or outside of the property, otherwise the photographer will take pictures of all the features of the property based on his experience of doing similar homes.

Once again - the cost of the shoot could be more depending on a lot of factors, size of the house, stories of the house, size of the lot, community amenities.

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